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Inaugural Pork Shoulder

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I finally had the chance to fire up my MES 30" that I got for Christmas! I did a 7.85lb picnic shoulder with applewood smoke and a basic rub. It took about 14 hours at 225° but it was so worth the wait! I think I got a great bark and a decent smoke flavor to it.

This was before it rested for 24hrs

Here is 4 hours in, the time at which I put in the thermometer probe.

Here is the result, 14 hours later. Hit a big stall around 166°

It pulled amazingly well, it was moist and full of flavor! Thanks to all the SMF posts I read!
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For an inaugural smoke, I'd say success for sure!  It's hard to beat good pulled pork!

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Looks tasty. Nicely done. Thumbs Up

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Great job!!! Looks delicious!!!

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DD, Good looking PP!

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"Inaugural Pork Shoulder" did Ms. Clinton get elected already?


Great job! I mean you, great job, I didn't mean great job Hillary......

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