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ABTs and Sausage

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Decided to smoke some ABTs and Sausage yesterday.  Check out the pictures, they turned out great.










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Everything looks great! What kind of sausage is that?

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The larger one is a Bavarian bratwurst and I believe the smaller ones are called Nuremberg bratwurst.  They are from a great place in Baltimore called Binkert's.  I am usually the only one in there not speaking in German.     

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Yep, Nurembergers. You can tell by the finger size. They were made to be able to pass through the keyhole of jail cells (long story, but true) in midevil times in Nuremberg, Bavaria.

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Awesome!! A history lesson too!!!

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HM, That looks like a great meal !!!!!!!:points:

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Looks tasty!
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Looks good 

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Guys I really want to get into German style sausage making.  I dont know where to start.  A Bavarian brat sounds perfect but there are so many variations of recipes online.  Where do I look for?

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Nice looking meal, Moose.



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