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Curing time

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I've read the answer to this question before on this forum, but I didn't write it down. So, you know what that means,,,I forgot!
Mixed up a 12# batch of deer sticks, (Nepas recipe) using tender quick for the cure.
As usual got started late. Would like to smoke them yet today. Does the batch have to sit overnight, or is there a minimum number of hours that it has to sit and cure before going in the smoker? Will try to post pictures later, but it could be a challenge as I haven't tried that yet on this site. Thanks.
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Mixed into fine ground meat like sticks, the Cure works fast. The bacteria of concern is killed instantaneously and the color change follows quickly. No need to wait until tomorrow...JJ

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Thanks Chef JimmyJ, do snack sticks need to be bloomed? If so, why? I've never done it before.
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