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Ham time!!

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So figured it was time for more ham. I picked up some Heritage hogs a few weeks ago, and put two hinds into pops brine. Took them out Thursday, rinsed, and dried. Then into stockinettes. Next day, at 6:30 AM, preheated the smoker, got the pellets lit, ready to go, and into the smokehouse.


So after 20 hours in the smoker, the hams hit 148 degrees, turned off the propane, and let them sit in the smoker to cool overnight. It was -18C, so no worries about spoilage! Lol!

Here is the finished result.

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Those look great! I'll bet the smell is amazing too. What wood did you use? The color looks really nice.
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I used maple. Started the smokehouse at 80* for 4 hours, then 140* for 2 hours, then to 170* for 2, 200* for 6 hours, then 240 to finish.

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Beautiful hams!!

Awesome smokehouse!!!!

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Originally Posted by SmokinAl View Post

Beautiful hams!!

Awesome smokehouse!!!!



I can almost smell them from here!!!:drool:drool


Nice Job!!Thumbs Up-------------:points:




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Thanks guys!!


Thanks for the point Bear!!

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Had to have a nibble... or 6!! Haha!

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I believe I'd have had to nibble a bit too!
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Those hams are beautiful!

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