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Need input on new smoker

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Hi guys, I am looking at purchasing a new smoker. I have been using a electric and propane cabinet smokers for the last twenty years. Finding a good quality smoker up here in Canada is really hard. I have researched pellet and offset smokers, I would like to find a Canadian/American made one. I can get a Yoder pellet/offset smoker shipped right to my house, we have a dealer for them here in BC. I really like the Lang 48" Patio. It would cost an extra 6-700 dollars to have it shipped up to Washington state , I would have to go pick it up.

Pellet smoker sounds great but, I m concerned with the small cooking surface. I smoke a lot of fish. I also like to smoke ribs,chicken,pork tenderloins, and do the odd butt and brisket.
Yoder YS640 is the pellet smoker that I was looking at.
Lang 48" Patio
Yoder Wichita 20"
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Check out Louisiana Grills


They're a company headquartered in Edmonton, AB and I believe their CS Models are North American made.

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Have you ever thought of making one? I lived in Washington state most of my life and smoked a lot of salmon. I made a great smoker out of tongue and groove cedar. I put it on wheels so I could move it around. The heat source was an electric hot pad what a fry pan on it. You could control the smoke with the temp of the hot pad.

It didn't look great but it sure did a nice job of smoking.

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Depending on where your at in canada I could possibly help. I live in idaho close to spokane and frequently travel to CA to visit my in laws. They are close to kelowna.

I have a Louisiana pellet for my main bbq and very happy with it. I have also built a couple straight smokers. Looks like you are looking at something top notch! Let me know if I can help
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You give up about 300 sqin with the Yoder, extra shelf, compared to the Lang but the Yoder is more versatile. Not to mention the Set and Forget feature. It gets pretty cold in your area. I would not want to sit outside feeding a Lang in -23°C weather...JJ

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I say the Yoder with the extra shelf, but I have been converted to a pellet guy for the past year.  I have a Rec Tec now and if I ever need another one, it will very likely be a Yoder 680 with competition cart.  The ease of a pellet grill is a sin to some of the purists, but a blessing to me.

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If you consider buying a pellet smoker, I agree with DukeBurger. that you should at least take a look at Louisiana Grills.  I don't know much about their reputation or quality, but most of the reviews I've read were good, and they are based in Canada.  


Good luck!


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Thanks guys. I have considered building a smoker strictly for salmon but, I don't make enough to justify building a strictly fish smoker. Like the versatile unit, something that will see consistent use. I live on Vancouver Island and so the winters aren't that cold, snow is rare. I have unlimited supplies of alder,cedar and maple for smoking, if I was to go to a stick burner. I might have to look at some of the custom/home made offset smokers and see about possibly getting one built. I like the convience of the pellet smoker and that it is versatile. I am surprised that I couldn't find anyone on the west coast(Canada) that makes custom stick burners. I just have to also make sure that I could get the wife to use it(Yoder) to cook steaks and chicken on it. That way I can eliminate the old propane BBQ 😊.
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Originally Posted by Cliffy72 View Post

I am surprised that I couldn't find anyone on the west coast(Canada) that makes custom stick burners.


Heck, Being a welder by trade, this has been an area I've wanted to get into, but unsure of the demand for you've got me thinking again :welder:

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Have you considered taking a ferry to Anacortes, Washington and looking for a smoker? Can you bring it back into Canada without paying duty?

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Kihler, Who makes smokers or is located in Anacortes WA ? I go over to the mainland/states usually once or twice a year. Heading to Battleground WA and Mollala OR, middle of Feb.
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I found a web site in Mt Vernon It's close Anacortes, I've never  been there but they seem to carry a number of smokers.

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If you are going to be down in Oregon check out sams nw bbq . They are a yoder dealer . No tax in Oregon too .
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Check out Samsnwbbq down in the portland area if you down that way.
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If your going to be in Battle Ground it is only 20-30 minutes down to Portland (in fact heading to BG in a few minutes) and there is a place up in Longview (20-30 minutes north) that Carry's about 30 different smokers


Keep On Smokin,



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