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What to Master

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If you had to Master one BBQ item for each category what would it be and why?
Other( anything you want it to be)
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Beef- tri tip quick,easy and tasty
Chicken- wings everybody loves them
Pork- ribs no explanation needed
Other- bacon wrapped single rib bones because I can't fit a whole rack on my WSM
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Beef-Brisky. If you can make this well, you have honed fire / temp management and patience!

Chicken- Spatchcocked or boneless birds. Let's get those knife / butcher skills going.

Ribs- St. Louis cut spares. More knife skills, presentation and rub recipes.

Sauce- Finishing sauce for any of the above. Put the icing on the cake with a flavor balancing sauce.

Three more not mentioned;


Coleslaw from scratch.


Corn bread.

Round out the plate with good Q sides..

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