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cook chamber prep?

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I'm making progress on my first build 113 gal propane tank RF. Got the lid cut/mounted and fb opening cut..

Now seems like I should clean/cure or some sort of prep on the inside of the cook chamber before I start on the firebox and rf plate install. I guess wire brushing rust out and all, but what are your recommendations on top of that? Like oiling, burning it out or what not?


I know there probably a thread somewhere already, if so maybe someone can put the link?



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Okay, not much response to my original question, but nevertheless I have another


Would it be bad to have the fire box to cook chamber opening over sized? I know I can use the calculator, but I just want to make sure it is plenty large enough, and I really don't want to mess with a damper at that location either if I can just control the heat with the fire box air inlet??

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Using the numbers in the tutorial will give you an excellent, above average smoker...  Burn out the CC and spray with cooking oil...  then heat to about 300 -350 ish to bake it in....



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