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New to site and new to smoking

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Like it says new to it all so any advice would be great. Thanks
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Welcome. There is a lot of information here and people willing to help. You might start by taking the Free 5-Day Ecourse. then you can use the Search function to find info on any smoker you like and search for a type of meat you would like to try and hundreds of posts with techniques, recipes and pictures will pop up.


What type of smoker are you interested in using? There are Wood/Charcoal Smokers, Propane Smokers, Electric Smokers and Wood Pellet Smoker Grills. Some require near constant tending and others are Set and Forget models. It is also necessary to know how many people you would like to feed. A family of 4 or be able to do parties of 400. Lots of options. Take a look around and post your questions...JJ

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I have a masterbuilt electric smoker
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Welcome to the forum. Check out the electric smoker forum here.Lots of info on your smoker. MasterbuiltS are notorious for the temp sensors being off. Would recommend getting a dual probe remote therm. Maverick is a good one. Search for "Bears step by steps" for great recipes for your smoker. Happy smokin, David.
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