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Forgot water!

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I mixed together my cure packet with my hamburger meat last night and forgot the cup of water! Can I go ahead and add some water now or should I just toss it? I feel stupid for forgetting but I was rushing. Thanks in advance.

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How long did you mix it? Do you believe you mixed well? Does the consistency of the meat act like you need the water?

I'd say, if you got a very good mix on your meat, then no, you don't need it if your making jerky. Just more water to remove when drying.

More than likely, the water is there for 2 reasons; to make mixing easier, and to better disperse the cure.
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There is no issue adding it now if you wish, but as CB pointed out, if thoroughly mixed and having rested, you are probably good to go...JJ

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I mixed it really well for about 15 minutes. I think this is why I forgot the water because it didn't seem like anything was wrong. The consistency is pretty good. Thanks for the response. I think I will shoot it tomorrow and see how it ends up.

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The salt and cure will draw moisture from the meat and disperse. The long rest you are giving is a benefit. Still, adding the water next time is probably a good idea. Kits are designed to work according to the directions...JJ

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