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Thick grey smoke

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I started a "big" smoke today, big for me at least. It is also the first time using wood instead of charcoal. I loaded up a charcoal basket with charcoal and then loaded another basket with chunks of oak split down to about 4" square x 10" tall and stood them up. I was able to get about 4 chunks in. It took about 30 minutes to get up to temp and stable at which point my smoke was starting to thin out although not to the TBS point. I had to run a quick errand and when I got back I had thick grey smoke again and temps had started climbing. I was at 280 vs the stable 230 when I left. I expected some grey/white smoke at first but at 1.5 hrs in shouldn't I be seeing TBS already?

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You want a small hot fire. Enough wood to maintain the temp.  The firebox shouldn't be cramped full of wood with the air restricted.

Send a pic of the fire.

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I wondered. I definitely had it crammed full. As I've let it burn down its thinned out. Just gotta play with it a little till I figure out the right balance I guess.
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Better to run a small fire adding wood/fuel as needed rather than waiting for a big pile of wood to burn down. You will be fine but you took the long road...JJ

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Finally got TBS. Thanks.
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Here's what's cooking. Two 10 lb butts, a meatloaf my wife made, a breakfast fatty (JD maple sausage, homemade hash browns, onions, green pepper, scrambled eggs, and mozzarella cheese), and some meatballs. Probably gonna throw some Acorn squash on too.
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Meatloaf and fatty are done. Meatballs are in.

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