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1St smoked thighs

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Got some chicken thighs on sale and decided to smoke them. I brined them overnight in soy, Worcester and minced onion. Next day rinsed them of, dried them and seasoned with salt, pepper, garlic and chilli powder.

On the grill with cherry wood chunks for 2 hours 40 min. The temp was 275 to a high of 310. I let it drop at the end to about 230 for about 30 min.

The flavor was awesome. In fact the wife insisted I do it again on Tuesday for our daughters bday. Only problem is the skin came out tough. And I had a hard time with the thermometer and getting an accurate internal reading. After reading some threads I think the skin problems are because of temp control. Any pointers would be appreciated. I'll post some pix of my next smoke on Tuesday after I get some advice.
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Awesome 1st smoke!  Chicken skin can be a tough cookie.  Smoke it above 325 for a crispy bite through skin.  Smoke it at a lower temp and crisp the skin after the cook with high heat from the oven or a grill.  Low and slow gives the chicken great flavor, but the skin will be rubbery.



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