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Greetings, Salutations, and hallucinations.

I am the Tiny1.  I do not know why people call me that.

I am a carnivore.  I love dry aged beef.  I love BBQ anything.  I love to eat things I have grown in my Garden, along side my favorite charred animal flesh. My dear sweet lovely wife hasn't cooked a Holiday Meal in over 14 years.  I love to cook, and I am always looking for new and delicious things to make.  

I needed a place to talk with like minded meat mongers.  Hope y'all can tolerate me long enough to get to know me.

I eat a low carb diet.  My favorite meats, and a green veggie.  I have dozens of low carb recipes and substitutes I can share, should you be interested.

Thanx in advance for the welcome.  I hope I can contribute while I am learning from you folks.

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Lots of great information here. Post up your recipes and cooks, that's what makes this place great. We all like to look at good cooking!
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texas.gif  Good afternoon and welcome to the forum, from a chilly and dreary day in East Texas, and the best site on the web. Lots of great people with tons of information on just about  everything.



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