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Could anyone please tell me why when i make pastrami my corned beef brisket skrinks real bad?
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How are you smoking it? What temp are you smoking it at? What's the temp of the meat going into the smoker?

If it's shrinking, it's losing moisture, let's figure out why...
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I smoked it at 250. I didnt check temp of meat before going into smoker. But its done and im calling it a success. Just not sure why it shrinks everytime i make one.
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Send me a few pounds and I'll let you know what went wrong. 


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Lmao... If i had a few pounds to send i sure would..
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I'm with Brian, that looks great!

How much shrinkage are you talking?
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Mine seam to lose about 1/3 of package weigh.  I think it's because the CBB are pumped with the pickling solution  and we are cooking out the liquid.

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