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New Years Day Porchetta

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So, you know when you build something up in anticipation and it isn't as good as you hoped? Well... I did that with this recipe... and it wasn't as good as I hoped it would be... IT WAS BETTER!!!!

First the marinade
Parsley, garlic, sage, rosemary, fennel seed, lemon zest
As I was chopping up the sage I tasted it and decided I didn't like it so tossed it and added some basil instead. 

Made into a paste with some olive oil

Then the fresh pork belly... 
Got this at a local butcher. No skin which I thought would be an issue, but it was't
I scored the fat side and rubbed it with Kosher salt

It was just shy of 10 pounds...

Then some Italian sausage and a small pork loin. 

Scored the meat side, then the paste went on... fyi - that is a full size sheet pan.

Took the sausage out of it's casing and put that on top of the paste
Split the loin in half and put that down the middle of the belly. 

Rolled and tied it...

Put it in the Traeger - had to go in diagonally - it was 25 inches long

Started it at 250* for about 3 hours

Then I upped it to 275*

While the pork was cooking I whipped up some rolls -my favorite bakery went up in flames Christmas Eve - sad, so I had to make my own. 

After 5 hours it was 170* and ready to pull. 

I tented it with foil and let it sit for 40 minutes. 

Made a couple of sandwiches... one for me and one for Big Al

I can't believe I haven't had this before. Will not be the last time. Wasn't difficult to do but a big payoff.

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Wow great job. That looks awesome.
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WOW!  My mouth is watering now.  That looks great.  Thumbs Up

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EM, That looks delicious !

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Excellent meal Ellymae!

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Looks great!

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A wonderful post! b

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Yep, that looks amazing, and I'd bet the smell was out of this world!
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Thanks all - it is really good. I am glad I did it, will not be the last time. Just had some more for lunch today. 

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Wow, Ellymae. I need a picture frame. That is a work of art.





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That looks incredible. Never had porchetta but this makes me want to try it!
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That looks wonderful, elliemae! All I've seen around here as far as belly is bacon. You just sent it to a new level....
I'm saving this one.
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