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Brining beef

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Happy New Year to all.  Just curious if anyone tried brining beef.  I've done fish, fowl, pork, etc with excellent results.  Have a 5 lb. prime rib and was wondering if brining it would help.  I've never tried it or heard of anyone doing it.  Thanks in advance.  Any input much appreciated.

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By brining do you mean with cure or without?

Most marinate beef, which is similar to brining, right?

Beef brined with cure is done when making pastrami.
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Just thinking standard brine- 1 c salt, 1 c sugar dissolved in a gallon of water with whatever seasonings or flavors you'd like.  I understand marinating but am thinking of injecting above into the prime rib roast of beef, than let it sit in above brine mixture for a few hours or overnight.

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I have Dry Brined Beef, rubbed with salt and rest...Just got Salty Beef. Lots of videos claiming you can turn Chuck into Tenderloin this way but I have not had a good result...JJ

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