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Upgrading from Chargriller questions

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I want to upgrade from my Chargriller offset to something better. I am looking at getting an Old Country wrangler. My question is will this be a significant upgrade?I have had my Chargriller for 3 years and have done pretty decent with it but it is a hassle to keep temps steady.

Do the wranglers hold temps better? I could save up until next year and get something better than a wrangler like a horizon or lang but my Chargriller is not going to make it another season. Lol. I do have a wsm but dont have as much fun with it.

What is the biggest difference between something like an old country wrangler and a higher end smoker like a lang or horizon?

Just really want a new smoker but want something that is better than the chargriller. Hoping the old country will fit the bill. Whats your suggestions?
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I can't believe no one chimed in on this. I'm in the same situation. Bought a char griller pro 5 years ago and it's absolutely toast. I have done tons of research on this and here are my conclusions. The Wrangler is basically close to a $1200 Horizon minus the 1/4" steel and a few other small details. The $850 Horizon 16" I just looked at the other day was way smaller than my char griller and didn't have a top rack. I looked at the OC Brazero for $999 and while it has 1/4" steel for that price you might as well start looking into a Lang and get reverse flow even though it costs more. The Wrangler is a huge upgrade from the Char griller even though it is a little smaller and at $500 it's way more smoker for the price. I really wanted to get a reverse flow and probably still will in the future but the Wrangler is going to be a good intermediate smoker until then. Hope this helps.

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About 1-1/2 years ago, I did a tremendous amount of research and was really caught between the Wrangler and the Brazos. I really wanted a 1/4" product and the $1k was tough to give out. About that time, I saw someone post something about a Bell Fab smoker. I did a little research and looked at the Bell Fab site. I finally placed a call to Craig Bell and I was hooked. Craig is a great guy to work with. He will build a one off smoker to match your individual specifications and needs. His material and fabrication is very good quality. The pricing is very reasonable. I think the Old Country is a good product, but at the price point of the Brazos, the Bell is a much better buy. Give Craig a try, you will not be disappointed.

Contact Craig at:

Good luck with you research and purchases, Joe
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So your saying at a $1000 price go with a Bell? I can see that if Bell's smokers are good and custom. At $500 the OC is an immediate upgrade over a Char Griller with not much of a $ hit. It really comes down to how much your comfortable shelling out.

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IMO, the Bell is well worth the difference in 1/4" steel and custom fabrication to your specifications. I can't say too much about mine. I've had it for a little over a year and it has been great for me. I would definitely buy another one. I have a grate in the FB and a convection plate in the CC. Craig will work with whatever you want.
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Are you wed on getting another offset? The old country wrangler does not seem particularly large from the photos online - now might be a good time to consider something different - like a WSM.

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