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Thermometer durability

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I'm looking for a dual probe and the main unit needs to survive the outdoor temps in the Midwest. Any suggestions?
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Hey Svick, I think you and I are in the same boat- I'm looking for one that can hold up in Canadian winters. I contacted igrill customer service and asked them about using the unit in freezing temps. They said that readings could be inaccurate below 37 F and that the head unit could be permanently damaged in the severe cold.

On the other hand, i had a guy on ask an answer over at tell me that he uses his in the cold all the time and even left it out all night at 20 degrees and it works fine.

I have still yet to hear about a maverick in the cold. For a cheaper option, I have used a camp chef wireless thermometer for a few short cooks in well below freezing and it worked fine. Downside to that unit is it only has one probe.

Cheers !
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I have 3 Polders on my GOSM that have been on it for three winters. They have been in -23F temps.

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I don't know the outdoor temp tolerances but I use the Maverick ET-733.

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My son is in Kansas & I sent him a Maverick. He says he is the only person around there smoking in the winter. The Maverick works well for him even in below freezing temps. I have photos of him in the snow with the WSM going & the Maverick hanging on the side.

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