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Hard rolls

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I am a horrible bread maker and have failed multiple times but I will not give up easily. I finally made bread that didn't make it to the trash and was edible. Made these hard rolls...... they tasted pretty good. A little hard on the outside but I'm heading in the right direction. I ate three..............:30:





Thanks for looking



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I would have to now the Recipe and how they were made and baked to tell what can be done to improve the quality. Still look good!...JJ

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Yes I'd like to see the recipe too. What type of flour are you using?
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This is what I followed.....


I did refrigerate overnight and baked this morning

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That is a similar recipe to what I use but with an interesting make up. Refering the rolls 2-3 hours rather than the whole batch of dough over night is a bit different but faster. The Crispiness comes from the Egg white/Water wash. You can use Whole Egg and water or skip the wash for a more tender crust...JJ

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Congrats on the rolls. I use to make Bread a lot back several years ago, it took me several times to get it down.





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