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I have another thread posted of my build, but I'm making this one to get some ideas and tips. Any are appreciated! So I haven't got too far on the build yet but plan to, tough with a one year old! Let's start by saying I have a 70's Coke machine. so far I have the inside gutted, and the bottom where the condenser and all that gutted. Still need to do some rust removal on the bottom shelf but the machine itself is solid no rust.

I need some ideas for the firebox. It's going to be where there condenser/cooling in was. And the cooking chamber an over it where the soda would have been. The two sides of the bottom are solid metal, but the front and back are vented. So I need to make them solid also. New sheets of metal. Here's my idea for access to the fire box. I want to have a door, I don't know front or back yet but I'm thinking back of the machine. And I would like to be able to open the door and pull my charcoal basket out, like on rollers or tracts, like a filing cabinet. Any ideas on this? Here are some pics for reference

Bottom part of the machine you can see the vented back

You can also see the front is vented here

Inside the cooking chamber

Well any ideas are appreciated thanks for looking!