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First winter smoke

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Got some time off and nothing to do. Only been smoking since March so this is a bit of an adventure for me. It's also only my second butt ever, first one came out great but not "perfect", family has been begging for another one so it must have been half decent. Now I'm armed with a little more info (thanks SMF), I've taken some notes and hatched a plan. Mostly just going to try to keep the temp above 275... Wish me luck!

Cut of the day: Boston Butt (boneless).

Tools: CG 50/50, iGrill2 (ambient probes still in the mail)

Fuel: spits of locally sourced (Albuquerque) Apple, some store brand hickory chunks, and Komodo Joe Lump in the red bag.

Just started snowing again, not too early IMO for a hot tottie, livin aloha.

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Welcome to SMF. Looks like you have your heart in the right heck with a little snow....meat needs to be cooked.

Good luck

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Looks like the bug has bitten!  Great work on the cold weather smoke.


I love winter smokes!  You can keep the snow though!

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Didn't finish this post, no Q-view, didn't turn out. Had a hard time with my temp, stock lid therm didn't work well, I'm guessing the interior/exterior gradient played and I think it just ended up being too hot, I expected the latter... Ultimately my mistake was not trusting the probes. My last butt was about 14 hours, probes said that this was done around 10 hours but I let it go the extra 4 out of paranoia... Still learning... Pro ambient probe is in the mail, I will try this again soon.
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Ah cheers bud! Trust the probes, I made the same mistake too. Just read up on proper probe placement and you will be good to go. Nothing like hot toddies and some cold weather to boot :)
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