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Temperature control

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I've got my first brisket in 20+ years on the grill at the moment.  Unfortunately, what I'm cooking on is an Academy Special (?) Kingsford Grill.  I actually don't remember where I got it but it's very basic. 


I can't keep the temp below 350 degrees.  Is this a function of the grill?  Not enough controls on the venting of the air?



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sorry to say.. but that's pretty much what you have.. a grill... they are very challenging, to say the least, to try to control temps on....
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Well, the wife said it was good but I had to cut off about 1/2" off the bottom where it basically burned and got hard.  She never saw that part.  I read the thread about flipping but I only flipped once leaving the fat on top.  If I had cooked with fat on the bottom, it might have been better.  Also, my oak burned up pretty quick cause the temp was higher, I think, so not much smoking. 

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