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Quick question

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Do I fill water bowl in electric smoker when smoking summer sausage. I want my summer sausage dry so I would assume no water but I have no clue thanks
P.S does the same go for jerky
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I never use water in my electric smoker, many others actually fill them with sand to help diffuse heat.
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no water for ether sausage or jerky ... are you saying you want the meat dry or just the outside ?
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Thanks for the info guys yea I like if pretty dry kind of like salami sometimes you get summer sausage and its pretty greasy I don't really like it like that
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I don't care for "greasy" ss either. I don't use any pork in my SS or snack sticks. The batch I made this weekend was 70% venison and 30% 80/20 beef. Taste and texture is great and not greasy at all.
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