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Pastrami!! With Q-Vue!!

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Without going into too much detail I trimmed and cured a 16.5 lb Angus brisket in brine for pastrami.  After a rinse and few hours soak in cold water it got a rub of cracked pepper, toasted and cracked mustard and coriander seed and granulated garlic.  Then it got a few days rest for the rub to work its magic and then off to the smoker at 15.5 pounds.


The brisket with rub before the rest.



And into the smoker, vent wide open ans 120 degrees until dry.




Then two hours of light red oak smoke followed by bumping the temperature t0 185 until the internal temperature hit 165.




It weighed 13.25 pounds after smoking.  Let it cool to room temperature then into the fridge overnight to firm up for slicing.



Sliced some by hand and made a small loaf of artisianal rye for last night's dinner of Rubens...



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A few Rubens...






And this morning used some of the pastrami for beef bacon.  The pepper sure perked up after frying.  The eggs are free range eggs.  The smaller on is from a Silkie and the big one from a Buckeye.  Even with less greenery and few bugs and such this time of year the color of the yolks tell you those aren't mass produced eggs.  The beef bacon was terrifically crisp. 





This afternoon I got out our big slicer, a Hobart 2912. set it on its slowest automatic speed setting and sliced the rest of the pastrami and 36 pounds of buck board bacon.. After vacuum packing it all I sure was ready for a beer.






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Wow. That strami looks amazing.

Great job
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That looks fantastic guess I will have to make another soon.

Merry X-Mas Richie

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Looks great!👍
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