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Killer pricing on butts

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I was at Bi-Lo grocery store today with the wife, picking up some final things for a Christmas drop-in. They had pork boston butts in the cryovac for $.75/#. That's right. I said (4) 8# butts for $24.00. My wife asked if we had room for them and I said, "at that price, I'll throw out rib eyes to make room".

I hope some of you guys have a Bi-Lo nearby. Good luck and Merry Christmas. grilling_smilie.gif
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got me 4 as well......will have BBQ for all of '16 now

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Bummer... Sale ended yesterday. Glad someone got some. The Butcher Shop in Concord NC has whole butts (20 pounders) for $1.20/lb I think. Planning on picking a couple up this weekend.
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