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Smoking in low temperatures

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Hi guys... I need some advice with an upcoming Christmas turkey.  Our weather forecast is not that good with low temperatures (-20C/-4F). I have a Traeger Texas elite, and I have noticed that the smoke temp has dropped in the cooler temps.  I did a small turkey a while back which was just 6Kg (14lbs) and did a higher temperature... more of a grill than a smoke. It took 2 hours at 325, and 15 min at 450 to achieve an internal temp of 165. It was a moist bird, but only a small hint of smoke as it was at grilling temp. I am a bit worried to try smoking as the grill on smoke only achieves maybe 130F and that is not on a cold day.  I also do not want to mess up Christmas dinner. Any advice greatly appreciated :) 

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I just did my first bone in breasts. Put them on the smoker for 3 1/2 hours and then finished in 375F oven. I did 3 different breasts IT out of the smoker were 140 to 150F, 30 to 60 mins in the oven...good crispy skin.

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