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Ham Question!

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Hi all, I'm brining my own fresh ham and smoking it! question, other than a bit of a different flavour profile can i just as well use a front leg picnic cut as a subsitute? its WAY cheaper, i just want to know the cook and texture is the same and that i wont be making brined pulled pork. 

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I can't really answer your question, but I make fully smoked/cooked (145F IT) Canadian bacon (pork loin) and Buckboard bacon (butt) and give them to my family.  They can never remember what I call them and always say "OMG that ham was fanastic!"  I just laugh. 

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Yes...You can make a Picnic into ham. The texture is slightly different, the muscle fibers are slightly more coarse and if overcooked gets stringy. But the taste is similar and very good. Smoke to no more than 145-150. Same with reheating. Check this excellent thread from DaveOmak...JJ

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