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Island smoke

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This is mike just checking in from Maui, Hawaii trying to get some recipes for smoking tri tip. I have been smoking pork and sausages in old school "smoke house" for a long time. Just picked up a propane smoker(masterbuilt) hope to be able to try new cuts of beef and venison in small batches

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I have quite a few Tri Tip smokes in this thread. lol in the beef section. Kiawe is a great wood to use for smoking by the way.
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I have used kiawi wood for many years but with all the development on the island it is getting harder to find. thanks for the recipes!!!

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I had a good source for kiawe but that dried up. I did a stint on the Hawaii, lived up in Wiamea. One of my neighbors was always roasting goats.
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I bought some kiawe wood online.

12 lb for 30 bucks but I love using it
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