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 Looks really good, you did a nice job skinning the door and door frame. It's great that you can run it at 400*, the manufactured electrics don't get hot enough. Does it hold steady at lower temps?

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Thanks David, the oven stat seems to work great, when I turn on the smoke element I noticed the heat burner kicked out as the temp rose above set point. Also seems to cycle well at the lower temps. I need to find and install a cheap temp probe today so I have something to monitor it with and check accuracy. I'm surprised I haven't seen more people using oven controls. It is not difficult to find a free oven, and you get a temp probe and control in one. Going to try a double smoked ham today (bear style)
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Enjoy your ham smoke. You can't go wrong with Bear style!

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took the day and made venison jalepeno cheese Germans, venison jalepeno cheese summer sausage,and pork breakfast sausage. On the Louisiana I have a dozen chicken thighs smoking and a large pan of smokey mashed potatoes. Oh, and the double smoked ham is still hanging out in the smoker
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Thanks Bearcarver. Big hit@Bearcarver
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Looks good. Nice job on the build and the smoke!
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