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Smoked salt as an aside

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Hi Everyone,


I've got 4 blocks of Grafton Village 2 yr Cheddar hitting the smoker this week. That gives me some space for other things that benefit from cold smoke so I was thinking salt.


I've got a good amount of Malden Flakes as well as a decent medium grain sea salt to play with. I'll be using Apple for the smoke in an A-Maze-N dust generator. I don't want to use screens for the salt as fiberglass and aluminium are generally not good eats. What I was thinking of using is parchment paper trays. Easy to put together and are food grade materials.



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Parchment would tend to inhibit airflow.  Suggest you go to a hardware and purchase some fine mesh stainless steel window screen. 


T ​

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try a coffee filter


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I have used two paper plates layered for strength for many years. I put them on the top shelf and just reach in and stir the salt every so often to rotate it. Just my two cents.


Keep On Smokin,



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I use fine mesh strainers and spatter screens all the time and they work great for me (especially since you are cold smoking I think the material would be fine at those temps). like @Oregon Smoker said paper plates would work fine too, as long as the layer is thin or if you don't mind stirring it up you can use just about anything you want.

I had asked about this a while back and most used the mesh spatter screens, but in the responses there was just about anything you could put into a smoker and they all said they worked fine: silicone sheet liners, paper plates, lodge pan, stainless window screens, pyrex casserole dish, etc...

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I used a large aluminum foil turkey roaster pan and did 6 lbs of salt. stir every 30 min and 6 hrs of smoke from my amnps.. No problems what so ever

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I like to use my splatter screen because the lip is nice to help keep the salt on the screen. I have used parchment paper also and it works fine. Just easier to spill! A couple layers of q-mats works, but you mat loose some.
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I used some disposable pie tins, but I'm not sure it worked so well.  I didn't cold smoke - I smoked at 275 for almost 12 hours (stirring regularly), and just didn't seem to get a whole lot of color (couldn't tell by smell since all I could smell for 2 days was smoke in my nose) I don't know if I did anything wrong, it wasn't getting enough smoke, or if it even turned out.

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