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Great Sausage Recipes and Meat Curing..

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Hope to start learning how to make sausage this winter. See this book mentioned damn near everywhere I look. Is it a "must have"?
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Great and satisfying hobby, my only advice at this point is to do plenty and extra study on curing salt and the purpose of it..... Other words how to prevent botulism and the results of. Good luck and have fun, I love it. Here's a start
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IJ, That was the first book I purchased about 30 years ago to learn how to make sausage. It covers the basics, there are many books out there now but back then this was the "bible" of sausage making

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Guarantee one thing.  You'll never buy store bought stuff again.  Home made is so much better.  Don't be afraid to ask questions, as that's how we all learn  Good luck.

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Another great bit of advice given to me by a great friend and mentor on sausage making and curing meats. Write down every recipe and make notes, test fry a patty of your current project and tweak to taste. I have recipe cards in my file with a "2" scratched out (as in 2 oz) and replaced with a "4" only to be crossed out and replaced "5", as in the amount of sage for breakfast sausage.. For me that's half the fun is developing a recipe that fits me and my tastes.

Have fun.
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