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Need Help With Smoked Boudin

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I want to make some smoked Boudin sausage and I have some questions that I could use some help with.      First, would it be better to smoke some pork butt, grind it and then mix with liver, rice and seasoning or would it be safe to cure the pork butt and liver , grind it, add the rice and seasonings, stuff and then smoke it for several hours?      I think the meat will be fine during a long smoke, but I don't know if the rice can go bad during a long smoke.


I've only had smoked Boudin one time and it was delicious.    I like regular Boudin but, in my opinion, the smoked was so much better.   

Any help and pointers you guys can give me sure will be appreciated.    Thank You, Arlie

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Arlie, hit the search bar above and you'll find great advice on boudin.

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Personally, with my last rice fiasco, I'd smoke the butt and then grind it.

This will serve 2 purposes, 1, you'll have good smoke all through the boudin, 2, you won't have to be concerned about the rice.
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CrankBuzzard, thank you Sir.

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