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Using dehydrated jalapeno flakes

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Hello everyone,

I just purchased some dehydrated jalapeno flakes. I wish to make some jalapeno cheddar smokies.  Has anyone had experience using these? I am looking for some kind of guideline on how much of the flakes to use per pound of meat for varying levels of heat.



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For a first shot I'd try 2 tbsp/pound. It depends on how much heat you want, and jalapenos can be a wildcard anyway when it comes to heat level.

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I would start low, say 1 tsp/lb and fry up a sample to test the heat. You can always add more to get the heat level you're looking for.

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I have and used 4-5 (Cayenne, Jalapeno, Habanero, NM Red, Ghost)  different dry powdered peppers, what I have found is with many the powders do not carry the flavor in the bite as well as using fresh peppers diced small.


are you looking for a hint of flavor? or are you looking to get smacked in the forehead? when you are done. I generally use 2TBL of the powder for 5lbs

 and if I am needing more punch I add fresh as well. even adding the powder to the initial liquid solution we find you get to a point where the powder flavors/taste are all you will get and turns flat .


This Is Just My Opionion.


Keep On Smokin,



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