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Tri Tip Again...

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I know it's getting old, but....


I did tri tip again.


Just off the grill at 125



Plated, a little over done for my taste.

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Great looking smoke! Who can get tired of Tri Tip? I'm mean Brisket, yeah people can get tired of brisket, but not Tri Tip!
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Nice lookin TT, I agree with Case... Can't ever have enough TT ! icon14.gif
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Thanks guys! It was $6.99 lb, I couldn't pass it up.  Same store had it at $11.99 for the past two weeks.  



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Looks perfect to me!! Nice job 


A full smoker is a happy smoker 



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Oh no... :icon_eek:


The agony of eating tri tip again... :icon_redface:







Wish I could share in the agony!!! :tongue:

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I'll take more TT as well! I hope you can keep finding your current price or cheaper! Just to rub it in it's currently $3.65 near me and it's been even lower in the past,of course I'm buying in bulk!
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Yeah I'm suffering big time!  :icon_redface:  I am pretty new to TT.  This grocer always has them, but price has been outrageous.  I haven't tried the Sams/Costco stores...I hate going in there.  Thanks for looking guys!



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