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Getting started with sausage

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Well I think im going to take the plunge into smoking deer meat this year and looking for help with what to get. I already have 3/4 hp grinder that I've been using to grind my deer burger meat. And tenderize my steaks I assume I will need a mixer, stuffer and electric smoker. Currently I grind about 2 deer a year into burger meat and plan to do 4 more into breakfast sausage, snack stick, link, and summer.

How are the mixers that mount to the grinders?

Any stuffers stand out above the others?

Electric smoker? I see tons of info on these and have gotten lost between version 1,2,2.5 etc?
What about the master built elite 40" 20070615

Thanks in advance for the help I've already found lots of help here so far. Also let me know if I'm missing anything
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Hey Mallard, Glad to see you will be expanding the use of your deer meat. I bought all my equipment at cabelas and love it !

I have a 3/4 hp. grinder , 7 gal. meat mixer . 10" slicer and an 11lb. stuffer. The meat mixer hooks right up to the grinder for my

big batches of sausage and snack sticks but also has a handle to mix by hand with smaller batches ( 5 lbs. or less ) . The only

gripe I have is that I cant find a serrated blade for the slicer , you will need one to slice semi frozen meat for jerky. Here is a pic

of my toys

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Thanks smoking,  i already have the same cabelas 3/4hp grinder that i've been making burgers with for a while now.  I also just ordered the 7 gal mixer that mounts to the grinder.  also picked up 40" master built electric smoker with blue tooth from Sam's today.  


looks like the only thing left i need is the stuffer.  how do you like the 11lb stuffer for sausage.  and have you used it to make snack sticks?  Thanks for the help. 

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I have used the stuffer for sausage , ring bologna , and sticks and it works perfect only thing is there is a good amount of meat

left in the bottom and in the tube especially in the small snack stick tube . I have been scooping it out and filling my jerky blaster

to use up the rest of the meat. Here are some more pics.





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I see the cabelas stuffer has an optional motor. Having never done sausage before would this be a nice addition down the road. Or is cranking the handle no problem. Just wondering if that should push me towards the cabelas. The one so far that has caught my eye is the Lem 10lb vertical that the sausage comes out the bottom into a right angle and then out. Thanks for the help
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I wish I had the motor and foot switch . These would great for a single person operation . I usually have my future son -in -law

come over and help me . I have done snack sticks and ring bologna by myself but it can be difficult . Not sure if the LEM model

has a motor option , but I would make sure it has STRONG metal gearing . I read some have plastic or ( cheap ) metal gears and strip or

break easily .

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