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having trouble with fat not grinding.

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Usually I'm making sausage with wild hog or venison rather than store bought meats. I get all my fat from the local supermarket to add to my game meat. It seems like I never get the fat to grind as good as the  whole meat does. I always have chunks of fat that have some how slipped past the grinder plate. 


Do any of you ever grind your fat first through the small plate then add it to the whole meat and grind like normal? I'm thinking I my try it this way next time. I don't think the blade is dull cause its pretty new, I'm using a kitchener grinder from Northern Tool. 

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How cold is the fat when you grind it? I like mine almost frozen.
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as CB said... fat.. especially straight fat needs to be partially frozen... maybe next time get your meat to fat ratio mixed up before grinding and then grind them together (partially frozen as well) ... also put all your grinder parts in the freezer too... the colder the better ...

Are you trying to grind with the smallest plate first ??
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yep I agree with CB and JD7 cold cold cold 


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I mix the cut up fat with the cut up meat and grind them together. I start with the biggest plate then the smallest plate. I keep everything in the fridge prior to grinding. Maybe I should try putting it in the freezer for awhile before I grind it.
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As those other guys said, frozen. Also I usually run it through the coarsest plate, than into the mix with the rest and finer plates if needed.
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