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Smoking, temperature control

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Anyone ever experiment with repurposing a treager control unit? I have two large home made vertical cookers. In very cold weather Below 32 degrees. I have had some trouble getting and keeping the temp up. for this I took two Bathroom fans some foil 6" duct and a 6" round duct flange and attached it to the damper on my fire box. I put the fans on a dimmer switch to control the air flow, this seemed to work well, though it took a bit to get it dialed in. I have been thinking about getting something temperature controlled to manage the fans. I see several options at varying prices. I see on amazon a replacement control unit for a traeger. I also see on line the wiring schematic.



this shows the hookup for the worm, for the fan and for the igniter. I am wondering if I could use this and attach the fan control to my exiting fans, it is all ac. and just not connect \ use the ones for the igniter and worm. if this works would be easier, and cheaper than the DIY PID units.

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Smoke Daddy Inc sells them too. I think they are a bit better then those. Price wise I don't know how well they compair. I used the Smoke Daddy in a cabinet build and it works great maintaining the temp within 5 degrees.

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