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Hello all!  This is my first post on here so be gentle with my rookie questions. My only smoking experience is on my Treager.  I would like to get into more of the hobby and like to do venison and the Treager is just not big enough.  I have been gifted a smoker which went through a barn fire 7-8 years ago.  Since that time it has been sitting in a pasture boneyard of my friends.  He mentioned he had this one out back and realizes he will never get around to fixing it back up.  I have no idea what brand it is, or what parts still work. There appears to be a digital thermostat on the side which was powered by a 9 volt battery.  I know that is shot from the weather.  The thermostat on the back turns freely, so it may be salvageable.  The gas valve I'm not sure about.  


I'm a little uneasy using gas for safety reasons, but that can change.  I thought of changing it to an electric smoker as well, but I am not sure an electric burner or two will get hot enough to properly smoke the meat. What are your thoughts of leaving it as a gas unit or picking up a couple hotpads and doing just electric.


Here are pictures of my new project.  




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