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how to post from phone

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hey there my smoking friends: I have some pics from the Thanksgiving week And weekend where as I smoked some bacon and a brisket. Yep no turkey this year , but I can't figure out how to post them from phone . I have a note 5 and I'm still trying to figure it out Help would appreciated

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See the picture left of the @ button? That's for picture posting.

I did this on my iPhone. Not certain about yours.
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Are you using the mobile version or full browser? At the far bottom of the page you will se an option for mobile or desktop.

If your using Mobile there are 4 icons above the response window. The 3rd over from the left should be a landscape looking icon. Click on that and you can attach photos.
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OK I'm on my phone can't find where I start a new thread. Found the mobile or desk top
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I think I got so try... thanks every one

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