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Hello All....

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Hey guys, I am Jake from ND. I am very new to smoking, in fact just smoked my first item, a turkey for thanksgiving, it was a hit.

I have a Masterbilt Electric Smoker 30". I just recently ordered the AMNP that everyone raves about, however I think I got the wrong item....I ordered a Maze instead of the tube....???

Anyway, this forum looks great, I love meat, but other than eatting it, I have little to no experience with it.

Looking forward to learning as much as possible and hopefully get confident with my smoker.

Thanks again,

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Welcome to SMF, Jake.


Congrats on your smoked turkey success!


As for your AMNPS, I don't own one (yet), and someone please correct me if I'm wrong, but I believe the tube smoker is better for smoking at high altitudes. Your maze should work just fine!

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Welcome from SC, Jake. This is a great site with a lot of helpful folks. I don't know anything about electric cookers, but there's a ton of folks who use them, so I'm sure you will get a lot of help.
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Welcome to the board, settle in! "Blowing smoke around the smoker" pretty much describes this place.

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Thanks for the warm welcome!
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Welcome Jake, glad ya joined us ! Bunch of great folks on this site, willing to help with anything... Don't be shy, just ask anything ya need to ask & we will do our best to help ya out ! There's an MES group that may be helpful to ya if your interested !
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