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First smoker in Ga

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Just got MB propane smoker for birthday. Have done ribs, chicken and two Boston butts. About to try brisket but can't get temp below 250-275. Not sure how accurate therm is on unit. Will prob buy a better one before attempting brisket n
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Welcome to SMF,


Check into getting a Maverick 733 if you're looking into a good thermometer. I'd be toast without mine.

Good luck on your brisket!

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I'll definitely get one. Thanks for the advice
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Try cracking the door open a little bit, Ledeaux. I know it sounds inefficient, but it works for me with my 2 door (I've gotten 25 hours out of a bottle). It doesn't take much and you'll notice the latch is adjustable, maybe for that reason? I still struggle to get temps below 230, but that's fine for most of what you'll cook. I've done nice butt and brisket in the 240 range.
Don't trust the door thermometer. One of these days I'll get a 733, but I've been using 2 Maverick singles just fine.
Don't underestimate the Sun as heat. If you can keep it in the shade (I went so far as to get a small dining tarp!) that helps more than you can imagine.
Welcome to the Forum, and Happy Birthday! ☺
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Welcome from SC. It's good to have you on this great site. I would suggest that you get a good River Country therm for your door. Also the Maverick line of probe therms is good. A thermowand will make you a very good instant read therm. As far as 250-275* goes, that's the temp that I like to cook at. If that's where your cooker is comfortable, go with it. Just make a small adjustment in your recipe.

Good luck and good smokin', Joe
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Thanks guys for the advice. I really appreciate it. New to smoking but now can't wait for weekends to throw something in the smoker. So far so good
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