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My name is Bob from Agawam, Massachusetts a retired 25 year military vet and I am brand new to the world of smoking.

I wanted to get my feet wet first so I am starting of on the lower end side of smokers first.

I purchased a OK Joe's Highland on clearance at Walmart for $200.00.


After researching I have done some modifications to it:

Sealed firebox with fire barrier RTV

Nomex tape around firebox door and cooking lid

1/8" stainless steel diffuser plate at firebox opening

1/8" stainless steel convection plate for the cooking area. (made a rail system to slide plates easier)

I made a simple  charcoal basket out of expanded steel. 10x10x7

I have 2 thermometers on their way to mount on both sides of the cooking lid


I have only seasoned the grill so far

I have reached a max temp of 340 degrees

Was going today and seemed steady at 260 degrees with firebox vent opened 3/4 open (Outside air temperature was 40 degrees and very light breeze)

I have 2 oven thermometers in inside and the firebox side is 5 degrees higher (I switched around thermometers to check accuracy also)


I am looking forward to meeting you all and hope to learn as much as I can












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