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Western New York - Go Bills

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Been lurking here for a while now and figured it was time to sign my fatass up and make it official.


Smoker: Smoke Hollow 38202G LPG 2-Door Smoker, 38-Inch purchased off of Amazon.


I had been researching smokers for a few months before pulling the trigger on this one. I could not decide between charcoal v propane. For me, electric was out of the question as we do a lot of Off-Roading/Camping trips with our Land Rover Club. I liked the idea of propane over charcoal for the ease of heat control, but I believe there is a Green Egg in my near future. For the price, I couldn't beat this model and for the record, the results have been fantastic. I have done a few pork butts, a lot of chicken halves, and of course being from the Buffalo area I have done wings probably 12-15 times now. Whenever we go to a friends house or a party, my smoked wings are now the requested dish to pass.



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Welcome from SC, Erik. It's really good to have you on this great site.
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Thanks Joe! Trade you some good wing sauce for that good Carolina style sauce any day
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