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bacon curing question

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Hello all i have been curing bacon for a while now and use the same technique as most folks do curing in bags where the liquid is absorbed back into the meat. My question is does anybody have any input on curing in tubs or the like where any liquid would be drained away from the meat? This is what i would consider a true dry cure. I like to start curing some larger amounts of bacon and believe this method would work out better for me. Any input would be greatly appreciated. Thanks Kevin
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Bump. Nobody has any input on this?
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Hold on, I pmed a member that can help.

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If you let the liquid drain "away" from the meat, you have no idea how much nitrite has been deposited inside the meat... nor the amount of salt...
You can individually rub each belly with the proper amount of ingredients... place in a waterproof tub under refrigeration for 2 weeks... rotate the bellies after several days....
Curing is a science and short cuts can have adverse effects on your health....

What is it you are trying to achieve...
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Dave thanks for the reply.. Id like to be able to get away from the measuring out cure mix for each individual belly. Ideally id like to make a batch of cure for say 50 lbs of bellies rub them down stack them in a tub with a drain under refrigeration for 10 days or so without all the tedious measuring. Somthing like this guy in the pic is doing
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This thread discusses the "Salt Box Method"... You can read the pros and cons... I would not do it because it does not uniformly distribute the nitrite... Salt and sugar... no problem...

I routinely cure 60#s of bellies... I buy a case at a time... weigh out the stuff for each belly and put it in a red solo cup.... the rub it in... I wait 14 days for the curing process to take place... rinse and equilibrate the bellies for another 2 weeks in the refer.... on wire racks with spacers between the bellies... It takes time but the bacon is the best... Bride says its the best...

Letting the displaced liquid run off removes necessary liquid for the complete curing process to take place....

In the picture above, that is an "Old time" method of curing that is not to exacting....
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