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Cleaning Stains

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Does anyone have a sure-fire fix for cleaning stained enameled cast iron pots? In the past we've made a paste of coarse salt and baking soda (soda bicarb, the Arm & Hammer sort of stuff) and a little water. After coating the interior and letting it sit until the paste becomes powder, much of the staining is clean; but dutch ovens and sauce pans that are used more frequently we find that this is no longer as effective. We have also tried rubbing with baking soda then rinsing with white vinegar. The soda is alkaline and a only slightly gritty. The vinegar is acetic and counteracts the base. Even this isn't as effective as we'd like.

If you have a sure-fire solution, preferably made from common ingredients but store bought stuff that works is OK, too, PLEASE share it.

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I use Bar Keeper's Friend. It's a soft cleanser available at most grocers. Works well on the interior and exterior ceramic coatings on cast iron(i.e. Le Creuset).

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Have you tried a MR. Clean eraser?


What I do with glass pots and pans, is fill up with ice, add a little water a coupla of shakes of Comet/Ajax, and its shake and swirl!! I find singing "shack, shack, shack, shack, shack shack, shack your bootie helps while cleaning too.


My cast iron when it needs a little love, I use those 3M "Greenie pads", Oh they are called Scotch-Brite pads in the civilian world.


That and a little Dawn dishwashing soap, and my cast iron makes ticklie tinglie giggling noises. They get all happy.

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I just cleaned our large dutch oven with bleach. I deluted it 50/50 with water and let it set for a few minutes, came out nice.
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