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Made some boudin today. All stuffed and packaged - Page 2

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Originally Posted by sfprankster View Post

Santa's helper was with me yesterday perusing the shiny, new grinders, stuffers and slicers. rolleyes.gif  

For now, I trade chocolates for most of our sausages, from a 3rd generation German, former deli owner. 

Sounds like a good agreement to me!
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Nice Job   Looks mighty Tasty    Let me give you my address    points1.png



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I just saw this thread. Day late and a dollar short, story of my life.


Nice looking boudin CB. 


In college I spent a lot of Sunday afternoons in the park, me, the dog, the guitar, a frisbee,  6 pack of beer, and a couple a links of boudin. And what a dog, he knew he'd get some boudin if he brought the good looking girls back with him. He was a good dog!

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CB I just found this and the ABT thread Another fine job.Thanks for sharing 



Thumbs Up

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CB That also looks great,,, busy busy busy,,,,, Lazy weekend for me, out shooting muzzleloaders getting ready for late elks season. 



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Great looking Boudin! I haven't tried it yet but you may have inspired me.



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Thanks all! Like I said, this is my favorite sausage to make.

Some say it's labor intensive, but only as laborious as you want it to be. There are some easier variations, but I love being in the kitchen or by the smoker(s).
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Love the info, had boudin once and loved it been looking to find a way to make it, gonna try it out
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Just noticed this! Only recently got interested in sausage and made our first batch last weekend. I got a couple of Boudin recipes off the internet today but I'm going to throw them out and go with yours, Cranky! :-)
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