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Mixing raw onions and garlic together

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I keep a small container of minced onions and one of minced garlic in the fridge, since almost everything I cook requires both.  The last couple of time I've made up batches I decided to mix them together in one container.  Both times, the mixture has changed colors after a couple of days.  The first time I used yellow onions and the garlic turned the batch bright green.  The last time I was using red onions, and they have turned gray.  The smell fine and taste fine, they just look horable.  Of course that goes away once the sizzle in the pan a couple of minutes.


My question is, are they same to eat, and does anyone know why this happens?




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Does this help?

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There is no safety issue. There are a lot of acidic and alkaline compounds released or formed when cut. Alkalinity in garlic can turn the small amounts of chlorophyll or green compounds in onions a brighter green. Conversely, alkaline in contact with anthocyanin, red pigment in red onions, turns blue/gray...JJ

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Thanks guys! That makes me feel a lot better, and makes perfect sense.
for both!
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