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New Lang ordered!

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The wife heard me pleading my case for a new smoker long enough and surprised me with an awesome text message!
A new 48" patio is ordered and it will be here in about 3 weeks!
How freakin sweet is that!
Hopeful I can have it here and designed before thanksgiving.
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Congrats and awesome wife
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My New 36" Lang has been a pleasure to work with these past 3 months.


Turns out some great smokes.

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Less than a week after ordering, my Lang arrived!!!
It's much bigger than I expected but I'm not complaining one bit!
Now to get it seasoned and learn how it works!
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I found these two post helpful in understanding my new Lang. Knowing the cooking chamber temp with the aid of a maverick unit is very helpful. Check out end to end temp and the temp between shelves. As these two post say, learn to control the fire.

I found that easing the temp up is better than overheating and trying to cool it down.


Have fun and enjoy. Hope this helps and gets you smoking great food.



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Congrats on the smoker arriving. You will love it and the food you make.
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congrats on having a awesome wife and a new smoker toy 


A full smoker is a happy smoker 



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Thanks twoalpha! I'm going to look at them now.

Thanks everyone!
I scored some fresh maple and Oak wood today. Plenty to let age as I start to build up my stash!
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