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Pulled Ham

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Pulled Ham

1.5 Kilo Pork Shoulder Cut (3.3Lb)

Weighed out Salt, Brown Sugar and Cure #1

Sealed in Vacum bag

Put in the fridge and will turn every day for the next 10 days. Then will smoke it exactly the same as a regular Pork Butt.

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Never tried a pulled ham.


Will be watchin

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Originally Posted by c farmer View Post

Never tried a pulled ham.

Will be watchin

Hi Adam, was inspired by your Ham post.
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So 12 days curing,

Left in fridge overnight uncovered, then added Jeff's rub.

Onto GMG this morning using Fruit Wood Pellets. Cooking @ 115'C (239F)

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Three hours in and it reached 73'C (163F) Added Apple Juice and foiled.

Final IT 97'C (208F) 5 1/2 hours total cooking time.

Rested then pulled,

As you can see the meat has that deep red appearance, like Bacon/Gammon and the flavour is also like Bacon/Gammon, slightly salty then flavour from the smoke and rub.

This is one of the best Pulled Pork (Ham) I have tried, and her who must be obeyed, who is getting smoked out! said she can not wait to have it in Taco's tomorrow.

Well it's back to work now, 300 for Hog Roast on Saturday night and 135 for Hog Roast Tonight, then we are closing down for this season, taking a well earned rest.
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Nice job, looks great,  You will be hooked now.  points1.png



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Looks tasty!
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Looks tasty! Pulled ham with some mustard a slightly cr of cheddar on a good roll, Yumm!
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Wow, SM. I love pulled ham and yours looks great!





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Love me some pulled ham.


Never tried it with Jeff's rub, looks tasty :drool:points:

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That's definitely something I would like to try - can imagine some of that pulled ham in my hash browns


Looks great Thumbs Up

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