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First Turkey Legs

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Today was the first time I have smoked a large(isn) piece of meat. I had some large (~2.5 lbs) turkey legs so I had the wife brine them Thursday night.  I pulled them from the brine Friday night and put some seasoning them.  This morning I took em out of the fridge and put them on the smoker.  I smoked them for 3.5 hours until the temp read 160, then I wrapped them in foil and let them rest in the oven for another hour.  By dinner time the internal temp is 180 and they were delicious.  They were moist, but did not take on a lot of smokey flavor (which could be a good thing).  Ill post pics below for you guys to look at, and if there are any tips please let me know.  Next weekend I am going to try for a pork picnic dependent on the weather.







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Nice!  I want to try turkey kegs soon.  What did the brine consist of?  The color on the meat seems like it would be smokey tasting.  What kind of wood did you use?



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Man those look nice! My goal with turkey legs is to dry brine for a day, then smoke. If they come out tasting like ham, I've done my job!

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This is the recipe I used for my first attempt:


The wood was a mixture of cherry and hickory, and there was plenty of smoke.  I think maybe because the skin was so thick the smoke could not penetrate very deep.  So next time I will slice it or remove some thin strips. 



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Nice job Denny drool.gif

The Q-view looked great , had me drooling ! biggrin.gif

You're gonna enjoy your Butt Smoke ! ! !

Be sure you do a photo journal for us , and how things went , ( and the recipe too , as I see they already got ya on that )roflmao.gif

Have fun and . . .
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I have the Butt in the fridge now, will start the brine on Wed night before going to bed.  Friday night/ Sat morning will be a long all nighter as it cooks for halloween!

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