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Bigga and least as good

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First of all, let me thank Noboundries for the original recipe, and Dirtsailor and Tropics for the inspiration......I took N.B's recipe and substituted Sesseme oil for the olive oil, plus a little more, and used 1/2 cp of oat flour in place of 1/2 cp of bread flour....added sesseme seeds to the top...misted the oven which was at 475..they went 15-17 mins for a internal of 180......made 12 buns and 1 long loaf...The bigga was 55 hours old............There is now 8 buns and a half a stick of butter missing................Sorry, no pic's......wifey has the camera visiting grandkids.  Thanks all!! Its really good!

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I like smoked meat but there is nothing better than the smell and taste of fresh baked bread...Magical!...JJ

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Sounds like an interesting recipe. I got interested in making artisan breads about a year ago and have been experimenting some. My favorite is a naturally risen sourdough and variations on that.

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Thanks for the mention I have a biga going now will be 72 hrs. tomorrow when I make mine.


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Near as I can tell, a biga is just a little thicker than a poolish as a poolish is more of a batter consistency.

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